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ARLISS Flyback Competition

Honolulu—Windward Community College

Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium

About the ARLISS Competition

The ARLISS event is an opportunity for universities around the world to participate in several different competitions. The event spans over several days and in 2018 the event began on September 9th and concluded on September 14th. At the 2018 ARLISS, Windward Community College (WinCC) and Honolulu Community College (HonCC) participated in the Fly Back competition.

For the Fly Back Competition student teams construct a payload that deploys from a rocket. The rocket is launched to an altitude of 12,000 feet above ground level at which level the drone deploys. The payload is to collect atmospheric data while in the air. For the 2018 ARLISS, WinCC and HonCC chose to construct a quadcopter as the drone. As per ARLISS requirements, the quadcopter was required to autonomously navigate to a specified GPS location. The WinCC team constructed the quadcopter and HonCC built the payload.

Mechanical Design of the Quadcopter


The quadcopter was constructed using the Arduino Feather M0 flight computer, an 11.1V 1800-2200mAh battery, and PID and navigation code software. The Atmospheric Sensing Electronic Payload (ASEP) was built multiple date measuring devices.

Video of Quadcopter Testing 



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Photos from ARLISS Competition


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