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Dr. Joseph Ciotti (WinCC)

Dr. Jacob Hudson, Jr. (WinCC)
Dr. Shindong Kan (HonCC)

Helen Rapozo (HonCC)

Project Imua Mentors

The UHCC Project Imua is managed by faculty/staff members from the different campuses ogf the University of Hawaii Community College system—including Windward Community College (WinCC), Honolulu Community College (HonCC), Kapiolani Community College (KapCC), and Kauai Community College (KauCC). The headquarters of Proect Imua is located at Windward Community College (Hale 'Imiloa Room 112).

Windward Community College Mentors


Dr. Joseph Ciotti: Principal Investigator &
Pject Imua Director/Manager

Dr. Joseph Ciotti is a Professor of Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics at Windward Community College. He is the founder and director of WCC's Center for Aerospace Education, and acts as the college's Associate Director for the Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium. He designed WCC's Lanihuli Observatory as well as the planetariums at both WCC (Hokulani Imaginarium) and UH-Hilo ('Imiloa Astronomy Center). He also established the college's NASA AEL and serves as a NASA Space Ambassador.


drhudson Dr. Jacob Hudson, Jr.: WinCC Mentor & Rocketry Coordinator

Dr. Jacob Hudson Jr. is a lecturer of Physics and Astronomy at Windward Community College. After receiving his Ph.D. in High Energy Particle Astrophysics, Dr. Hudson has maintained an active interest in aerospace studies and, in particular, rocket propulsion. Dr. Hudson is the Coordinator for the NASA Aerospace Education Laboratory (AEL), part of the Center for Aerospace Education, and is the Associate Direcor for Rocketry in the Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium. Dr. Hudson is a current member of both the National Association of Rocketry and Tripoli Rocketry Association. He is Level 3 certified in high power rocketry in both organizations.


Honolulu Community College Mentors


Dr. Shidong Kan: HonCC Mentor

Dr. Shidong Kan is an Assistant Professor of Physics at Honolulu Community College. He is the college's Associate Director of the Hawai‘i Space Grant Consortium (HSGC). Dr. Kan has taught various Physics courses at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa and Honolulu Community College, including introductory physics, algebra based and calculus bases physics. He is also the Principle Investigator of a Federal Grant Pre-Engineering Education Collaborative II (PEEC II).


helenr Helen Rapozo: HonCC IT & Assistant Mentor

Helen Rapozo is an Information Specialist at Honolulu Community College. Helen helps the team with using the University of Hawaii collaboration software tools and public web page, and also assists by taking photographs and advising on controller programming. Helen also supervises the CAELUS (Center for Aerospace Education Launch for University Students) Section of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) based at WinCC and the Model Rocketry HonCC Mag group.



Mevan Ranasinghe: HonCC Assistant Mentor

Mevan Ranasinghe is a lecturer who has been teaching Electrical Electrical, Civil Engineering and Physics classes at Honolulu Community College since January 2018. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Electrical Engineering (Signal Processing) and has been working in industry as an engineer for more than 10 years. He is involved as a mentor in HonCC MAG as well as other student projects on campus.


Dr. Kerry Tanimoto: HonCC Assistant Mentor

Dr. Kerry Tanimoto is an Associate Professor of Physics at Honolulu Community College. His doctoral research was in optical studies of novel thermodynamic phases exhibited in condensed matter systems. Dr. Tanimoto has taught a variety of physics courses, from conceptual to calculus based, and also teaches introductory astronomy on a regular basis.

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