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Current Missions

A Rocket Launch for International Student Satellites (ARLISS)

NASA Student Launch Project (SLP)




The ARLISS event is an opportunity for universities around the world to participate in several different competitions. The event spans over several days and in 2018 will start on September 9th. This year, Windward Community College (WinCC) and Honolulu Community College (HonCC) will be participating in the Fly Back competition.

The Fly Back Competition involves students constructing a payload that will deploy from a rocket that has launched to an altitude of 12,000 feet above ground level. The payload is to collect atmospheric data while in the air, and the quadcopter must be able to autonomously navigate to a specified GPS location to complete the mission. WinCC is in charge of constructing the quadcopter and HonCC is in charge of building the payload.

Mechanical Design: arliss


The quadcopter will include the Arduino Feather M0 flight computer, an 11.1V 1800-2200mAh battery, and PID and navigation code software. The Atmospheric Sensing Electronic Payload (ASEP) will include multiple date measuring devices, which are still being decided upon.



Specific Dates:

1) June 6: ASEP due from HonCC)

2) August 24: Ship date for both quadcopter and ASEP)

3) September 9: ARLISS starts


Gantt Charts:





Progress So Far:


Currently, the WinCC team is working concurrently on all different aspects of the quadcopter, including the software, hardware and testing. Constuction on the website is also in process.

Along with working on the quadcopter and ASEP, WinCC and HonCC each hold monthly rocket launches. These launches are apart of their educational outreach and are practice for launches at ARLISS. More information about the educational outreach projects can be found here.


Quadcopter Testing Video


About SLP:

The NASA Student Launch Project college-level competition has two parts: the rocket and the payload. The goal is to launch a high powered rocket to an altitude of 5,280 feet (1 mile) AGL. The rocket is to carry a payload, and each year their are several options for the experiment conducted by the payload. Once the teams are given information regarding those options and decide upon an experiment for the payload, that information will be detailed here on the website.

The WinCC team will be in charge of designing and building the rocket, and the HonCC team will be in charge of designing and building the payload. The teams will be working together to complete all necessary reports and presentations.

The SLP includes several mandatory presentations for saftey and more information about each university's progress throughout the planning and building processes. As those reports are completed, they will be posted on the Documents page of this website.

SLP Team Organizational Chart:


*Names of students on the SLP Team Organizational Chart will change as students join and leave the project.


  • September 2018: Electronic copy of proposal due
  • October 2018: Awarded proposals announced
  • November 2018: Preliminary Design Review (PDR)
  • January 2019: Critical Design Review (CDR)
  • March 2019: Flight Rediness Review (FRR)
  • April 2019: Launch Readiness Review (LRR)

Progress So Far:

A small model rocket was created that utilizes specific design plans, such as the Variable Drag Assemblies (VDA's), and the proportions of the future SLP rocket. The small rocket has been tested several times, and the data from those flights is being analyzed.

A rocket with similar design features as the planned SLP rocket is being built and will be flight tested at ARLISS. Both OpenRocket and RockSim programs have been used in order to determind the appropriate motor for the rocket.

On July 30, 2018 and August 2, 2018 the WinCC team conducted succesful Static Deployment Tests of the rocket.



On September 14, 2018, the WinCC completed a successful launch of the rocket.


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